Media Basics Workshop

(A half day workshop for up to 25 people)

This course/workshop provides a revealing insight into how the media works, what makes or breaks a story and how you can take advantage of media opportunities. You will discover what makes journalists tick, the structure of news stories and how Current Affairs is so different and dangerous. This is a great first step opportunity.


Media Management

(A full day’s workshop for 1 to 4 people)

This workshop is a ‘must do’ for anyone who is about to, or is already experiencing firsthand the vagaries of the journalistic world. You will get an in depth understanding of the ‘Fourth Estate,’ why the media works the way it does, the differences between commercial media and the ABC at local, state and national levels. You will experience firsthand, what it’s like to do a radio interview, then be subjected to a one-on-one television interview. You will understand the importance of ‘key messages,’ staying on track and on message. It is a demanding but rewarding workshop.


Media Training and Communication Strategies

Before you review the course options that are available, let me ask you a question.


What is it you are looking for?

Do you want to improve your self confidence when dealing with the media and other communication issues?

Do you want a deeper understanding of how the so called ‘Fourth Estate’ works?

(Described by Wikipedia as ‘The Press.’ The term in current use is now appropriated to the media in general, including the free press; that is the internet and not just the print media as it once was.)

Do you want to learn how to take advantage of media opportunities, to understand how vital ‘key messages’ are and about ‘islands of safety?’

Do you want a deeper understanding of the differences between electronic media, print media, internet and social media?

Are you slightly masochistic? Do you want to experience the rigours of a confrontational Television interview, or do you want to try yourself out with a more conversational radio interview?

You see unlike most other journalists operating in this space in Tasmania, I have a unusual breadth of experience in radio, print, web, television, news and current affairs media. I also have national and international awards recognising my work while at the ABC.

Please contact me, even if the course options mentioned are not exactly what you are looking for, because I can devise a specific program to cater for your needs.




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