Crisis Media Management.

(A full day’s workshop for a maximum of 4 people)

This course is designed for organisations and businesses to help develop a planned and rehearsed crisis management framework, centered around Media Management before, during and after a crisis. It is tailored to key communicators and those who may have to ‘front’ the media at any time. Sometimes silence is the best option. It’s all about ‘knowing’ what to do when.


Crisis Communication Strategies

Before you review the course options that are available, can I ask you a question.


What is it you are looking for?

Does your organisation have a Crisis Management plan that includes handling the media?


If not why not?

Do you know what to do if a senior employee in your business is charged with a serious criminal offense?

Do you know what you can say, what you can safely say to clients, to staff, what you can and cannot say in a press release?

Do you understand how much damage your corporate image and brand might suffer from an out of control press?

Then you need to talk to us.

Do you want to improve your self confidence when dealing with the media and other communication outlets, especially when you might be under stress?

Do you want or even worse still, need a deeper understanding of how the so called ‘Fourth Estate’ works?

(Described by Wikipedia as ‘The Press.’ The term in current use is now appropriated to the media in general, including the free press; that is the internet and not just the print media as it once was.)

Do you want to learn how to take advantage of media opportunities, at a time that works for you and your business, to understand how vital ‘key messages’ are and about ‘islands of safety?’

Do you want a deeper understanding of the differences between electronic media, print media, internet and social media?

Are you slightly masochistic? Do you want to experience the rigours of a confrontational Television interview, or do you want to try yourself out with a more conversational radio interview?

You see unlike most other journalists operating in this space in Tasmania, I have an unusual breadth of experience to draw on for your benefit, from radio, print, web, television, news and current affairs media. I also have national and international awards recognising my work while at the ABC.

I have worked in regional, state and national radio, covering a huge range of issues from floods, fires and cyclones in far North Queensland to union uprisings at APPM in NW Tasmania, Royal Commissions and the Port Arthur Massacre.

I have worked for the ABC flagship radio current affairs programs, AM and PM.

I have been the compere of the ABC’s Seven Thirty Report, interviewing Prime Ministers, Premiers  and business leaders.

I have and still do write for general print media and industry specific publications.

Please contact me, even if the course options mentioned are not exactly what you are looking for, because I can devise a specific program to cater for you or your business’s needs.



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